Latvia: Oksana Bilera To Turkvision Song Contest 2016

Latvia are to debut in the Turkvision Song Contest represented by Oksana Bilera with the song “Yakisiyor bize bu sevgi”.

Latvia are the latest country to reveal that they will be participating in the Turkvision Song Contest 2016. Oksana Bilera has been announced this morning as the Latvian representative for this years contest in Turkey. She will be singing “Yakisiyor bize bu sevgi” which translates as “This love suits us”.

Oksana has been performing for over a decade and to date has released a number of albums. In 2010 she released her first album which mainly consisted of dance and club mixes. Her latest album “Zapretnyy plod” was released in June of this year. Oksana normally performs in Russian however her entry for the Turkvision Song Contest will be performed in Turkish.

18 countries have now confirmed their participation this year, they are:

  • Azerbaijan – Sevinc Beyaz
  • Belarus – Svetlana Agarval
  • Crimea (Russia)
  • Gagauzia – Yulia Arnaut
  • Germany – Seyran
  • Kazakhstan
  • Khakassia (Russia) – Irenek Khan
  • Kumyk (Russia)
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Latvia – Oksana Bilera
  • The Netherlands – Elcan
  • Northern Cyprus
  • Romania
  • Sandzak (Serbia)
  • Sweden – Arghavan
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine – Natalia Papazoglo
  • Yakutia (Russia)
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