Lebanon: Radio Liban Joins The Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union

Lebanon has become the latest country to join the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, as Radio Liban joins as an Additional Full Member.

Lebanon is the latest country in Asia to join the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union and thus become eligible to participate in ABU organised events. State owned radio broadcaster, Radio Liban was admitted to the union earlier this year. The admission of Radio Liban into the ABU, makes Lebanon the first new country to join the organisation since Nauru in 2015.

Lebanon has been an independent state since 1943 having previously been a territory administered by France following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Home to just over 6.1 million people, Lebanon has been recovering from decades of civil war and Syrian occupation. Lebanon is also the most religiously diverse country in the Middle East seven different religious branches practicing in the country.

Radio Liban is now eligible to participate in the ABU Radio Song Festival. The first festival in 2012 was held as a competitive event, with 13 songs being selected by a jury to compete in the live contest in Seoul, South Korea. A jury made up of fourteen members from nine countries, then voted on the songs. The winner was Billy Acoustie who was representing South Korea with the song “For A Rest”. Since 2014 the festival has been held as a gala event.

In total 25 countries from across the region as well as Africa have submitted songs to take part in the event. This includes countries such as Sudan, Indonesia, Macau, Nepal and Australia.

Source: ABU News

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