Liet International’16: Contest May Be Cancelled Due To Financial Issues

Liet International 2016 may be cancelled as issues over funding hit this years hosts Kautokeino.

Kautokeino in northern Norway was announced as the host city for this years Liet International Song Contest for Minority Languages in the Spring. However issues have now arisen regarding securing funding to host the event. The event will cost 1.7 million Norwegian Krone (180,000 Euro), however so far full funding for the event has not been secured.

The Sámi Parliament has received an application for 300,000 Norwegian Krone to help fund the event, however it has stated it alone cannot afford to subsidies the contest. The Chairman of Sami Music Ellen J. Sara Eira has told NRK that the three northernmost counties in Norway have all refused to fund the contest.

The Chairman said that currently they are left with only three options. Arrange the contest as planned in late November if funding is secured. Delay the contest until January 2017 to seek support in a fiscal new year or cancel the contest.

Liet International has already been changed into a biannual event following issues regarding funding a contest annually. Liet International contests in the past have been cancelled due to the withdrawal of the host city.

Source: NRK

Liet International is a song contest for performers in Europe who sing in a minority language. The goal is to boost the popularity of music performed in minority languages across the continent. The contest is currently held every other year alternating with SUNS Europe. Past winners of the contest have performed in Faroese, Corsican, Sami and Frisian to name a few.
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