Liet International’17: Eight Finalists Revealed

The eight artists from across Europe who will compete in Liet International 2017 have been announced by the contests organisers.

Liet International is being held on April 13, the contest will be heading to Northern Norway with eight songs competing in the competition. Liet International was launched in 2002 as a song contest for minority languages across Europe and was held annually until 2014. This years contest will mark the 11th time that the contest has been held.

The contest is being supported by the organisers of Liet International as well as Samisk musikkfestival who are the organisers of the Sami Grand Prix. Furthermore the Sami Parliament are contributing financially to the hosting of the contest.

Competing in this years contest are:

  • Sámi – Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen (Sámi)
  • Friesland – Aafke Zuidersma (Frisian)
  • Bashkortostan – Zaman (Bashkir)
  • Scotland – Màiri Anna NicUalraig (Scottish Gaelic)
  • Netherlands – Ruben Semmoh & Romeo Sumter (Sranan Tongo)
  • Udmurtia – Nikita Ilyin (Udmurt)
  • Brittany – Ukan (Breton)
  • France – La Schlapp Sauvage (Lëtzebuergesch)

A wider array of languages will be performed at this years competition in Norway. Ruben Semmoh and Romeo Sumter will be performing in Srnan Tong. The language which originates in Suriname in South America, is spoken by the Surinamese community in the Netherlands. While Nikita Ilyin will be performing in Udmurt, a language spoken by around 340,000 people and hear once before at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012.

Fans of the Turkvision Song Contest will recognise Zaman for having competed in the Turkvision Song Contest 2014 in Kazan, Tatarstan. The group finished third in the final of the competition with the song “Kubair”, they also went on to compete in SUNS Europe in 2015. While UKAN are currently fundraising to ensure that they will be able to compete in the competition, you can find out how you can help here.

Source: Liet International

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