Macau: Josie Ho – Interview

Jose Ho
“This is gonna be an unforgettable memory in my life”

In the second of our interviews ahead of the 2016 ABU Radio Song Festival we had off to Macau and meet this years participant Josie Ho. Josie is the first artist from Macau to participate in the festival and sees it as a huge opportunity for the future.

Firstly thank you very much for talking to us, the 4th ABU Radio Song Festival isn’t far away now, how are you feeling?

I’m getting more excited about it as this is my first time to sing on behalf of Macau and I know I will be meeting a lot of new friends in the music realm.

You are the first singer from Macau to participate in the ABU Radio Song Festival, how does that feel?

I only learn about this now and I feel great! I’m thankful to be selected as the Macau representative and I’m ready to showcase our original music to an international audience!

You’ve been singing since 2004 and have performed in a number of competitions and held concerts in Macau, what is it that drives you as a singer?

Singing brings me happiness and satisfaction. Being a singer is not only a manifestation of my dream but also a commitment to bring culturally distinctive music creation to a broader audience for them to learn more about Macau, more about our people. I want to become

Last year saw you release your first EP, how does it feel to have your music released to the public?

I felt like giving birth to my own baby as I was not only involved in the singing and recording part, but also in production, proofreading, printing and distribution because I’m both a performer and stakeholder of the record-label. The process was quite difficult but we do enjoy it. This is not a perfect album but it must be one of the most dedicated album in Macau.

The song you will be performing in Beijing is “Who am I”, can you tell us more about it?

This song aims to convey a message that one should be proud of who you are and don’t forget your original goal of being who you want to be. The lyrics tell a lot about my values and attitude towards my singing career and I hope people can get to know more about me by listening to this.

What does it mean as a singer from Macau to be able to perform at such a large international event?

I see it as a huge recognition to my efforts and endeavor and this is gonna be an unforgettable memory in my life.

If there was one thing that you want to take away from participating in the ABU Radio Song Festival, what would it be and why?

I want to make more music friends from all over the world and give other participants my album 🙂

Finally do you have a message for your fans and the readers of

Hi there, this is Josie from Macau and I hope you get to know me better and love my music. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram and check out my MVs on Youtube!!!

We wish Josie the best of luck for the future, listen to her song here.

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