Macau: Kyla Reveals “Back to Back”

Kyla Will Sing “Back to Back”

Kyla has revealed her entry for the 2015 ABU TV Song Festival in Istanbul, Turkey.

Kyla will be singing “Back to Back” (背對背). The song was first released in 2011 and is sung in Chinese. Kyla has risen to fame this year after winning the TDM Pop Awards in August. The singer said to TDM after winning the prize that:

Many people like to listen to music from Hong Kong, South Korea and other countries, but they are not paying much attention to local music. I wish to gain more support from the public and we believe that we can produce better music with more people supporting us.

Kyla is only the second singer to represent Macau at the ABU TV Song Festival. Macau hosted last years TV Song Festival and selected the band Blademark to represent them on home soil.

Listen to her song below:

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