Maldives: “I’m proud to have represented the Maldives”

Bathool on stage in Beijing
Bathool on stage in Beijing

The young artist from Maldives Bathool performed in ABU Radio Song Festival 2016 yesterday. She performed her original song ‘Unikameh’ at the festival which is held in Beijing, China.

ABU Radio Song Festival 2016 will be held from 26-28th April. Bathool said that she learned a lot about music in other Asia-Pacific countries and their culture. And that she had a wonderful experience in Beijing.

“I had a wonderful experience in Beijing, I’m really proud to have represented Maldives on an international platform. Thanks to Public Service Media for this opportunity. Thanks to Maldives Ambassador to China, Mohamed Faisal for being there to support me. And thank you my family, friends, fans and everyone for your good wishes.” Bathool said.

ABU Radio Song Festival is an annual festival organized by Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, and this is the 4th edition of the festival. 14 performances from 13 countries would take place in this year’s festival.

An artist from Maldives, Moosa Mausoof (Hardio) performed in last year’s festival which was held Myanmar.

Some artist from Maldives had performed before in the ABU TV Song Festival too. Such as famous singer Unoosha performed in the last year’s festival, while Mooshan performed the previous year.

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