Mongolia: Naran Replaces SweetYmotion At ABU TV Song Festival 2016

Naran has been revealed as the new representative for Mongolia at the ABU TV Song Festival 2016 later this month in Bali, Indonesia.

Naran has been announced as the replacement for the girl group SweetYmotion. Naran had been selected in 2012 to represent Mongolia at the first ABU TV Song Festival in Seoul, South Korea. However before the festival Mongolia withdraw from the event for unknown reasons.

Naran has been a staple of the Mongolian music scene for over two decades, having released over 10 albums during her career. In 2012 she had been due to perform the song “Nudnii shil (Shades)” at the ABU TV Song Festival. The song that the famous Mongolian artist will be performing in Bali, Indonesia has not been revealed.

Source: ABU

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