Moscow Oblast: Zuleyha İlbakova To Türkvizyon

Zulyeha is off to Istanbul

Moscow Oblast will be represented by Zuleyha İlbakova at this year’s Türkvizyon Song Contest in Istanbul, Turkey. She hails from Ufa, the capital of Bashkortostan, and is the daughter of soloist kurai player Ishmuratov Ilbakova and television directon and songwriter Frangiz Ilbakovoy. She won prizes since she was five years old and mostly sings in Russian and English. She also participated in the famous “New Wave” festival in Latvia.

Moscow Oblast will indeed participate this year and replace Dagestan as the representative of Russia. The Russian Federation is not participating under its own name to make sure there will be no confusion as many Russian republics participate in the contest.

Another change on the list of participating countries is that the Nogai people are participating under the name of Stavropol Krai.


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  1. always change flag of Nagois and Kumyks 😀 It seems they still make a decion on partipicating as a community or region. If Nogais will be represent under Stavropol Krai, Kumyks may do as Daghestan. Still there is no Altai’s flag and i still hope Kosova will return, and Austria and Hungary to debut 😀

    Btw, any news from Intervision? Is it cancelled again?

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