Moscow: Zulhiza Ilbaikova To Sing “Bәlәkәy ҡyҙ”

Zulhiza will sing "Little Girl"
Zulhiza will sing “Little Girl”

The song that will be representing Moscow at the 2015 Turkvizyon Song Contest has been revealed.

Zulhiza Ilbaikova was selected as the representative of Moscow having taken part on the Bashkir selection process for Turkvizyon 2015. Her song is called “Bәlәkәy ҡyҙ” (Бәләкәй ҡыҙ) which translates as “Little girl”. The song was written by Zulhiza and her mother Frangiz, the song will be perform in the Bashkir language.

Moscow is one of two regions that will be performing their songs in the Bashkir language the other being Bashkortostan. Last year the entrant from Moscow Kazan World were selected after coming 2nd in the Tatarstan national final. Kazan World finished in 12th in the final with 170 points.

Watch her performance in the Bashkortostan national final below:

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