Nepal: Suman Gurung – Interview

Suman Gurung
“Show your talent and win the world”

In the first of a series of interviews ahead of the 4th ABU Radio Song Festival we spoke to the Nepalese entrant Suman Gurung. Suman is the first singer from Nepal to have ever participated in the ABU Radio Song Festival, we talk about how she got into singing, how it feels to represent Nepal and her hopes for the future.

It’s a pleasure to speak to you, can you tell us more about yourself and how you became a singer?

From the childhood I used to sing and dance. And I had participated lot of singing and dancing competitions. At school life also I haven’t left any cultural programs. And at the age of 9 I have joined guitar class because singing was my hobby and to be guitarist was my ambition. Due to my father was an Indian Army we were born in India and our childhood spend in India. My cousin’s brother was the great guitarist of Nepal. So I left my study and I ran away from India and came to Nepal to become a guitarist. And I used to live with my brother and sister-in-law. But again I had problems living there and the relationship was not good between us, so I used to stay alone. And my struggle times start from that time. It wasn’t possible for me to learn the guitar due to financial troubles. So I start singing chorus and do programs. And finally one day got chance to sing playback at the age of 17. From that time I became a singer of Nepali Music and seriously I love to sing and yes I love my work. Sometimes I to play guitar and sing.

This is the first time that Nepal has participated in the event, how does it feel to be representing Nepal at the ABU Radio Song Festival?

Yes this is the first time Nepal is performing at the ABU Radio Song Festival.And I am much excited and proud of myself to represent internationally first time my Country Nepal.

You have performed hundreds of songs, what style of songs are your favourite to perform and why?

I try to sing in different patterns and genre.But I love western music and I really love to performed this kind of music on the stage.

Your song for the ABU Radio Song Festival is “Aaja Mero Man Ma”, can you tell us more about it?

This is my own song. The composition and the lyrics were written by myself and my younger brother. This is a beautiful pop song.

What does it mean for you to be able to take a Nepalese song and perform it to an audience from across the world?

It means a lot to me. Really when I heard about this song festival I am much more excited for this. And so much happy and proud represent my County Nepal Internationally.

What plans do you have for after the ABU Radio Song Festival?

Yes I have to do a lot of work in music. And maybe every one has heard this quote “show your talent and win the world” really I believe in this. And I wish not only this year, every year I want to participate in this kind of musical shows.

Finally do you have a message for your fans and the readers of

I really love my fans and wish to have their love and wishes too forever.And thank you so much to family and readers for giving me chance to share my moments of musical journey.At last once again thank you so much.

You can listen to her song for the 4th ABU Radio Song Festival here. We wish Suman the best of luck in Beijing and for the future.

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