New Wave Junior’16: Russia Wins With Tie Between Two Singers

Russia has won New Wave Junior 2016 where two of the countries four entrants ended up tied on the same number of points.

12-year-old Aleksey Zabugin and the trio EY`VA won this years edition of New Wave Junior which was held in Crimea. A total of 15 singers from 11 countries across the world took to the stage in Artek all vying to be crowned the winner of one of the biggest contests for young singers.

New Wave Junior 2016 was held over the space of three days and in the past has been a platform to launch the success of young singers in Eastern Europe. Former winners include Sofia Tarasova, Gaia Cauchi and Anastasia Petryk.

The top three is as follows:

  1. Russia – Aleksey Zabugin & Trio EY’VA
  2. Armenia –  Mikhail Grigoryan & Malta – Ella Mangion
  3. Kazakhstan – Saduakas Zhanel & Russia – Mariya Mirovaya

Source: New Wave Junior

New Wave Junior was first held in 2008 and has been held annually ever since. The contest is open to singers age between 12 and 6. The contest does not have any rules regarding where a performer can be from, however most participants come from Eastern and Central Europe. Former winners include Anastasiya Petryk and Gaia Cauchi.
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