Nika – “It Happened By Chance”

Nika will be representing Estonia this year, she may have stumbled across the contest by accident, but could bring the country their first victory.

As Slavianski Bazaar draws closer we bring you the second in a series of interviews with some of the participants in the International Pop Song Performers Contest this year. 21-year-old Nika will be performing for Estonia next week in Vitebsk, Belarus. From learning to play the guitar with her father, she will be performing in front of millions next week.

It’s a pleasure to talk to you, there’s only a couple of days to go to the competition, how are you feeling?

I feel tired of waiting for this moment, but at the same time I am very excited, because there will be a lot of interesting people who I would like to get to know.

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and how you came to be a singer?

It was a typical day when there was nothing to do at home, I came to my daddy and said: “Can you teach me a couple of the guitar chords?” Then I started to play and sing at the same time and one week later I started writing my own songs.

What was it that made you decide to try and take part in Slavianski Bazaar?

Actually it happened by chance, I just found the casting on the internet and then I took part in it just for fun and I didn’t realize how serious a competition this is.

This isn’t the first time that you have competed internationally at a contest, how do you think your previous experience will help you?

It helps me to be free inside and not to be scared of being kind.

As part of the competition you have to perform a number of songs, can you tell us more about the songs you have selected and what they mean to you?

The first song I will perform is my own and it means to me a lot, I put my whole soul singing this song and will be performed in the Estonian language. The name of this song is “Sinu ees” and it means “in front of you”.

Estonia has never placed within the top four at the competition, what would it mean for you to be able to achieve that?

For me it is not the goal because my target is to meet some musician to work with.

What are you most looking forward to about taking part in Slavianski Bazaar?

I expect pleasure feelings.

Finally, do you have a message for your fans and our readers?

I would like to wish them to be strong and to achieve their goals.

We wish the best of luck to NIKA, to find out more about Slavianski Bazaar and the build up to the contest stay up to date via TwitterFacebook and on the website.

Slavianski Bazaar has been held annually in Vibetsk, Belarus since 1992. The event consists of two competitive contests, the International Pop Song Performers Contest for singers age 18 to 31, and the Children’s Contest for those age between 7 and 12. The competition is popular in the former Soviet Union, Baltic States and the Balkans. Winners include Ruslana, Zeljko Joksimovic, Donny Montell and Alyona Lanskaya. The Children’s Contest has been held since 2003 and former winners include singers who have gone on to compete in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. This includes former winner Ksenia Sitnik who won for Belarus in 2005.
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