Nogai: Debut In Turkvizyon 2015

Nogai Are Debuting In Istanbul

After revealing their participant for Bala Turkvizyon 2015, Nogai has now confirmed that they will participate in Turkvizyon 2015.

The Nogais are a Mongolian ethnic group who live in Southern Europe but mainly the Caucuses region of Russia, there are estimated to be around 120,000 Nogai living in Russia and the surrounding countries. A selection window was held for submissions for the competition, this closed on September 30, the singer is now being selected internally.

Source: CHM

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  1. Nogais are not Mongolian but Turkic! They are from Golden Horde’s and closely related to Kazakhs. Even i Anatolian Turkish (Oghuz) i can understand Nogai Turkish (Kypchak)

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