Novaya Zvezda: Final First Round Show Held

Yevgeny was representing Sevastopol

The last show of the first round of Novaya Zvezda was held over the weekend in Russia with 43 singers now having been selected to make it to the second round.

The selection on Saturday night saw the last of the 85 participants take to the stage for the first time with 6 more singers being selected to make it through to the second round. The jury as ever could award up to 100 points to a singer.

Through to the second round are:

  1. Kabardino-Balkaria – Aida Tliashinova
  2. Primorksy Krai – Lyudmila Alekseyenko (LyuSEA)
  3. Nizhny Novogord Oblast – Anastasiya Smirnova
  4. Ivanovo Oblast – Viktoriya Isayeva
  5. Dagestan – Marianna Vagida
  6. Kirov Oblast – Yekaterina Kuzina

The jury will now select just one more singer to make it through to the second round. These singers are selected from the artists that the Russian public have voted for after each show. They will be saved from being knocked out the contest and continue to compete in the show.

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