Novaya Zvezda: First Second Round Show Held

Murad made it through for Chechnya

This weekend saw the first of the second round shows take place for Novaya Zvezda. The contest is now hotting up with the contest reaching closer to the final.

A total of five singers made it through to the next stage of the contest this week, these singers were:

  • Chechnya – Murad Baikal
  • Crimea – Rock’n’Roll Gang Fellas
  • Karelia – Xenia Novikova
  • Kostroma – The Kalina Folk
  • Rostov – Larissa Yakovenko

A public vote is now underway to save one artist, the singers hoping to be saved are:

  • Dagestan – Marianne Vahid
  • Novogorod – Maria Udovichenko
  • Nizhny Novogorod – Anastasia Smirnova
  • Tula – Maxim Larichev
  • Tuva – Saylyk Ommun
  • Vladimir – Violetta Streltsov
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