All For One Caribbean Appears To Be Cancelled

All For One Caribbean, the Caribbean’s answer to the Eurovision Song Contest appears to have been cancelled, after three contests.

All For One Caribbean which was launched in 2013 appears to have been cancelled after three contests, with no contest having been publicly announced for this year. All For One Caribbean is an annual song contest that is loosely based around the format of the Eurovision Song Contest. Unlike Eurovision singers are selected by national tourism authorities or local music bodies in those countries. Performers at the contest perform two songs, with each country represented by one juror who awards between 1 and 100 points to each country.

The 2016 contest was expected to have been held in October as happened in the previous three years. However there have been no public announcements that the contest is being held this year. Furthermore Eurovoix World has spoken to a number of individuals who have worked with the contest over the past three years and they all confirmed that no details of this years contest have been released.

Over its three-year run All For One Caribbean saw a total of 14 countries from across the Caribbean and the north of South America competing in the contest. Over the three years the Dominican Republic, Saint Lucia and Martinique all won the contest once, while Barbados and Haiti had each finished as runners-up at one contest.

From the 1980s until the late 1999s the Caribbean was also home to the Caribbean Song Festival. The contest was organised annually by the Caribbean Broadcasting Union, however it was also cancelled for unknown reasons. In its last contest in 1999 a total of 10 countries participated with St. Vincent and the Grenadines winning the contest.

Eurovoix World has reached out the organisers of the contest for comment but have received no reply.

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