Papua New Guinea: National Broadcasting Corporation Show Interest in Eurovision Asia

National Broadcasting Corporation of Papua New Guinea has shown an interest in participating in the Eurovision Asia Song Contest.

Eurovoix World can revealed that the National Broadcasting Corporation of Papua New Guinea has shown an interest in taking part in the Eurovision Asia Song Contest. NBC is the public broadcaster of Papua New Guinea since 1973, in 2008 it launched television broadcasts in the country and now shows a variety of news, entertainment and educational programming across the country.

Papua New Guinea is home to just over 8 million people and gained its independence from Australia in 1975. The country is one of the most diverse in the world, with a total of 852 different languages spoken. The country remains one of the least urbanised in the world, with less than 20% of the population living in major cities such as the capital Port Moresby.

To date Papua New Guinea has not participated in any international competitive song contest. Despite having two ABU member broadcasters, neither broadcaster has taken part in any ABU Song Festivals, or previous song contests.

The Eurovision Asia Song Contest which was announced in March 2016 is expected to see around 20 countries compete in the Asian spin-off of the 61-year-old Eurovision Song Contest which is held annually in Europe. The contest would be the first time that a Eurovision spin-off has been successfully held outside of Europe. Previously the European Broadcasting Union has sold the rights to the contest in Asiathe Arab World and is looking at a US contest.

The three cities that have expressed a serious interest in hosting are:

  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Sydney, Australia

The following countries have also either confirmed their participation or shown an interest in participating:

  • Australia (Confirmed)
  • China (Possible Steering Group Member)
  • Japan (Possible Steering Group Member)
  • New Zealand (Interest in participating)
  • Papua New Guinea (Interest in participating)
  • Solomon Islands (Interest in participating)
  • South Korea (Possible Steering Group Member)
  • Vanuatu (Interest in participating)

Source: NBC

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