Poland: Olga Shimanskya Competing in Belarus’ Eurovision 2017 Final

Olga Shimanskaya who is representing Poland at the Turkvision Song Contest, is competing in tonight’s Eurovision selection in Belarus.

Olga Shimanskaya will be one of thirteen artists performing tonight in Minsk, hoping to represent the country at Eurovision 2017. Olga who will be performing as “Napoli” has tried to represent Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest as a solo artist on one previous occasion. Last year she finished 2nd in the selection with the song “My Universe”, she lost out to Ivan who went on to perform “Help You Fly” in Stockholm, Sweden.

Olga won’t be the only artist with Turkvision links performing during the selection. Shir who has stated via his VK account that he was preparing for the contest, will be performing during the interval act. He will also be joined by former Eurovision participants, Ivan, Uzari and Teo.


Competing in the selection are:

  1. July – Children of the World
  2. Lexy Weaver (Aleksandra Tkach) – Be Stronger
  3. Vladislav Kurasov – Follow the Play
  4. NAVI – Historyja majho žyccia
  5. Isaac Nightingale – On The Red Line
  6. Kattie – Wild Wind
  7. NUTEKI – Take My Heart
  8. NAPOLI – Let’s Come Together
  9. Nikita Hodas – Voices in My Head
  10. Angelica Pushnova – We Should Be Together
  11. Anastasiya Sheverenko – We’ll Be Together
  12. LERMONT x JULIC – Heartbeat
  13. PROvokatsiya – My Love

Olga Shimanskaya will represent Poland on their debut in the Turkvision Song Contest, performing the song “Masal gibi bu dunya” (The world is like a tale). No details have been revealed so far as to when the song will be revealed.

Belarus debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004 and has made it to the final on four occasions. For the past two years Belarus has failed to make it through to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, this year IVAN finished 12th in the second semi final, 21 points away from qualification. Belarus’ best result in the contest came in 2007 when Dmitry Koldun finished 6th in the final with a total of 145 points.
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