Rhineland-Palatinate: Mark Foster To Sing “Bauch und Kopf”

Mark Forster Is Representing Rhineland-Palatinate

Mark Forster will sing “Bauch und Kopf” for Rhineland-Palatinate at the Bundesvision Song Contest 2015.

Mark Foster is one of the biggest names in the German music industry having sold over 1 million records since his career breakthrough in 2012. His Bundesvision entry is the title track of his second album which was released in 2014 and was re-released as a single in March. He is currently one of the favourites to win this years Bundesvision Song Contest.

Rhineland-Palatinate has never won the Bundesvision Song Contest and is currently the second least successful Bundesland based on number of points scored. At last years contest in Gottingen the Bundesland had their best result finishing in 2nd place with the singer Jupiter Jones and “Plötzlich hält die Welt an”, he scored a total of 124 points

Listen to “Bauch und Kopf” below:

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