Romania: Analia Selis – Interview

“Viento del Sur” is the Romanian entry for Beijing

After our interview with Macau’s participant Josie Ho, we spoke to the Romanian participant in the ABU Radio Song Festival 2016, Analia Selis. Argentinian born Analia will be representing Romania in their first participation in the event later this month. Take a read of our interview with the singer below.

It’s just over two weeks to go until the 4th edition of the ABU Radio Song Festival in Beijing, China, how are you feeling?

I am very happy and exited! When Radio Romania (Romanian National Radio) proposed me to participate we had to think very well about the song, it had to be something in between what I am doing now (Tango and folk music from Argentina) and commercial style. I accepted of course immediately, I knew it was going to be challenge, this is the best part of it:) so, getting ready and looking forward!!

Here’s the big question for you, how does an Argentinian singer come to represent Romania at a festival in Asia?

I moved in Romania 13 years ago. I was studying classical singing in Boston, USA, where I lived for almost 7 years. There I met this wonderful Romanian cellist, felt in love, deeply in love and decided to give this a chance! I have this though that guided me on my biggest decisions “to make a mistake is not to make a mistake. To make a mistake is to not try” Since then I am building my career in Romania, a career full of love, ambition, good and bad things as everything, but mainly a good carrier:) I think that Romanian National Radio chose me to represent Romania at the ABU Radio Son Festival because of the many years having a good and productive collaboration with them. Not only with my songs on the radio but also for the years I have singing (always being sold out) at the Radio Hall.

Back in 2004 finished third in the Golden Stag Festival in Romania, it was the start of your career in Romania, what was that moment like for you?

It was amazing. It was very much, not too much….but almost:). I did not realize quite well the dimension of what was happening until the day that I was listening my song every where, I remember I going shopping, or in a taxi, or in the supermarket and suddenly start listening my song……people did not know very well whom I was, but they knew my song.

Your sound brings in Argentinian tango and folk, what is it about this style that you like performing?

I come from Tucuman, a small town in the north of Argentina, in the mountains, our main musical culture there is folklore. When I moved in Romania I was singing folk Argentinian music. But to go on radio and big stages we had to do it more commercial, so the first years of my career here I sang Latin pop, very commercial music. Meanwhile I became a Romanian citizen. At some point I made a big well deserved break of 4 years on my carrier to make the most important think in my life: two beautiful kids, Noa (5 years old) and Tiago (4 years old) and when I came back I found myself very changed. That change took me to Tango music, the style I am mainly singing now.

The song you will be performing in Beijing is titled “Viento Del Sur”, can you tell us more about it?

“Viento del Sur” (winds of the south) represents me very much because it combines folk, tango and commercial music. You can feel the folk mood on this beautiful tango base modern rhythm. It is composed by Mariano Castro, member of the very well-known group “Narcotango”. I had a very big luck in my carrier! Mariano felt in love with a Romanian girl and moved to Romania three years ago. That is how I met him. Since two years we are playing together, he knows my voice and style very much. For this song though he add his style, neo tango or chill out tango:) I sing it in Spanish and Romanian.

What does it mean to you to be representing Romania at this years ABU Radio Song Festival?

I love Romania, I feel proud to be a Romanian citizen and it is an honor for me to be representing my adopted country.

What are you looking forward to most about the event in Beijing?

I’m sure I am going to learn a lot from this experience. Watching, listening great artists, and meeting new people. Also, it is the first time I am on this globe area! so I am very exited to meet this new culture! From the musical point of view I hope to arrive to the public in the most honest possible way, to be able to transmit what the music is saying.

Finally do you have a message for the readers of and your fans?

Love and believe in every single thing you do, work hard and go directly to what you are looking for. I am waiting to meet you! see you soon! hope you like my song and performance.

We wish Analia Selis the best of luck in Beijing and for her career in the future. Later this week we will bring you another interview with the representative from Singapore Ling Kai.

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