Romania: Looks Forward To Slavianski Bazaar 2018

Before Slavianski Bazaar 2016 has even taken place, Romania have begun to look forward to next the contest in 2018.

On March 13 and March 14, Romania held their pre-selection round for Slavianski Bazaar 2018. The second edition of “Întâlnirea Mini-Vedetlor lângă Turnul Chindiei” was held earlier this month, with participants in the contest put into the running to represent Romania at Slavianski Bazaar 2018. Among those attending the event was Constantin Moscovici who is in charge of Moldova and Romania’s participation in the competition.

Paul Mititelu and Roxana Clopotaru have been selected to represent Romania at Slavianski Bazaar 2017. Paul Mititelu will be representing Romania in the children’s competition, while Roxana Clopotaru will compete in the adult contest. Roxana is no stranger to competitions, having competed in festivals in Romania, Moldova, Serbia and Bulgaria.

At the 2016 contest Romania was represented by Felicia Dunaf in the adults contest, while Maria Paliy represent the country in the children’s contest. Felicia Dunaf will be known to fans of the Eurovision Song Contest for having attempted to represent Moldova at the contest on four occasions. Her best result came in 2014 when she finished 9th in the final of O Melodie Pentru Europa.

Romania has a strong record in the children’s competition having won the competition four times. Raluca Elena Ursu was the most recent Romanian winner having won the contest in 2011. Romania’s best result in the adults competition came in 2007 when Alina finished third.

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