Saarland: Bundesvision 2015 Points To Be Announced From Saarbrücken

Points To Be Announced From Saarbrücken

The points from Saarland at this weekends Bundesvision Song Contest will be announced from the Ratskeller in Saarbrücken.

bigFM Saarland Radio will be holding a Bundesvision party at the Ratskeller and later in the evening they will be broadcasting live across Germany announcing the points of the Saarland vote. Announcing the results of the voting from Saarland will be bigFM Rolf and Frau Assman. Those wishing to go to the event can turn up from 20:00 CET onwards.

PerDu will be representing Saarland with “Lange Nicht Getanzt” in Bremen.

Source: bigFM Saarland

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