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4 thoughts on “Sakha Republic (Yakutia): Withdraws From Turkvizyon 2015”

  1. Mr. Dictator Putin must be thinking he is building a good future for talented children by telling them they cannot participate in a contest that would be a highlight in their life… because of politics. It’s madness to deny adults to participate, but it’s just horrific to deny children.

  2. As far as I know Putin has not been mentioned in any of those sources.
    Furthermore, I doubt he would care about a song contest…
    As if that’d be his (only) business.
    And, russian government is not Putin himself. The sources clearly say that the minister of culture sent telegrams to those regions.

    And I have to agree, telling the responsibles of those regions to withdraw is really over the top.

    But please, stop this Russia and Putin bashing people!

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