Sapmi: Nils Henrik Buljo Wins Sámi Grand Prix 2015

Nils Henrik Buljo Wins SGP 2015

Nils Henrik Buljo has won the 2015 Sámi Grand Prix and will represent Sapmi at Liet International 2015 later this year.

Nils Henrik Buljo was one of six singers in this years competition which was held in April as part of the Sami Easterfestival. Nils Henrik is from Kautokeino in Norway, for winning the competition he will go on to represent Sapmi at Liet International 2015 and receives 20,000 NOK.

Sapmi has won Liet International on four occassions making them the most successful minority language in the competition, they last won with the band SomBy and their song “Ii iđit vel” in 2009.

In the show were:

  1. Ravggon – Máska – 25 points – 3rd
  2. John Arvid Johnskareng – Luossagonagas
  3. Háldi – Suoivvanasain – 29 points – 2nd
  4. Anja Storelv – Liegga salla
  5. Kalle Urheim – Idjasuoivvan
  6. Nils Henrik Buljo – 1+1 – 31 points – 1st

Source: Sámi Grand Prix

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