Saxony: Radio Doria To Sing “Sehnsucht Nr. 7” At Bundesvision

Radio Doria Are Representing Saxony

Radio Doria who are representing Saxony (Sachsen) at Bundesvision 2015 will be singing “Sehnsucht Nr. 7”.

Radio Doria were formed in 2002 and have now performed over 250 concerts, the band released their latest single “Danke” in February this year. The lead singer of Radio Doria Jan Josef Liefers is married to Anna Loos who participated in Bundesvision 2010 as part of the band Silly, they finished in 2nd place for Saxony-Anhalt, she also participated again in 2011 as a duet with Boose and finished 3rd for Lower Saxony.

Saxony’s best result in Bundesvision came in 2012 when Laing finished 2nd with a total of 142 points, 30 points away from the winners Baden-Württemberg.

Listen to their entry below:

Source: TV Total

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