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7 thoughts on “Serbia: Debuts In Turkvizyon 2015”

  1. Does Serbia have a turkic minority? Same question goes for Bosnia-Herzegovina which never sent an entry in a turkic language. This is somehow odd, since it’s a turkic song contest. Maybe someone knows why they are allowed to sing in bosnian?

    1. The majority of the Balkans has a significant Turkish minority or their national group has links to Turkey. Pretty much all of the countries in the Balkans are and will be performing their songs entirely in Turkish with possibly a phrase or two at most in their own language as we saw in Kazan.

      1. As I said, in the last two years Bosnia-Herzegovina has sent entries entirely sung in bosnian which is by far not a turkic language. My question is simply why?

        1. It’s kinda special for Bosniacs I guess 🙂 Turks love Bosniacs and count them as Turkish because os Ottoman period of Bosnia.
          And also, that guy, Almedin lives in Sanjak that Ottoman’s armic area and he can speak Turkis of Turkiye very well..

          To be honest, that contest should be only for Turks and Turkic minorities. Instead of Bosnia (actually there is Turkish minority there but they sing in Bosnian), Albania, Serbia, we need to see Austria, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Tajikstan, East Turkestan, Chuvashia, Syria (Turkmens) etc.

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