Silk Way Star Unites The Turkic World

Silk Way Star is uniting the Turkic World as it searches for the regions best singer in a multi-month television spectacle.

Silk Way Star is one month into its run as the newest talent search within the Turkic World. Unlike existing international formats such as Idol, X Factor or The Voice, Silk Way Star has been created to unite Turkic-speaking countries and regions through the sharing of talent and culture. Furthermore, unlike existing shows broadcast in the region, the participants in the contest are already established acts in their own countries or regions.

Participating in the show are:

  • Azerbaijan – Efendi
  • Bashkortostan – Yan Lira
  • Georgia – Temo Sejaja
  • Kazakhstan – Aykin Tolopbergen
  • Kyrgyzstan – Omar Batyr
  • Tajikistan –¬†Safarmuhammad Kodiri
  • Tatarstan – Malika
  • Turkey – Fulin
  • Uzbekistan – Saida

The show has already built a following in the region and has been praised by a number of regional television executives for the scale and production values of the show. The show is currently five episodes in and is expected to run until the end of December. At the end of the show a gala show is expected to be held, with the singers taking part in the competition joined by regional artists and other famous singers.

Each of the competing regions and countries is represented by a jury formed of well-known stars. In Azerbaijan the contest has attracted the attention of Eurovision 2011 winner Eldar Gasimov, who is one of the judges at the contest. The judges score each of the acts each week from 1 to 8 points.

The show is being entirely funded by the Kazakh channel Qazaqstan. While internationally the show is being broadcast in each of the competing nations and regions. Viewers outside of the nations broadcasting the contest can catch up with all of the performance via Netd on YouTube. The contest is being broadcast by the following channels:

  • Azerbaijan – CBC
  • Bashkortostan – TuganTel
  • Georgia – Imedi
  • Kazakhstan – Qazaqstan
  • Kyrgyzstan – KTRK
  • Tajikistan – Television Safina
  • Tatarstan – TNV
  • Turkey – DreamTurk
  • Uzbekistan – Zor.TV

The show builds upon the concept of the now-defunct Turkvision Song Contest. A number of the channels involved in the competition as well as the Kazakh production company had worked on national selections for the contest and helped lay the foundations for a pan-Turkic event. Producers of the show have not stated whether the show is expected to become a long-term series or be expanded in size.

Source: Zor TV, Astana Times, CBC

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