Slavianski Bazaar’16: Final Day Of The Competition

Today is the final day of the competition with both the pop singers and childrens contest coming to an end today in Vibetsk.

Last night saw the first day of the final for the pop singers contest in Belarus. Currently leading in the pop singers contest is Alexey Gross from Belarus on 80 points, he is closely followed by Adam who is representing Kazakhstan on 77 points. Also on more than 70 points after last nights competition are the singers from the Czech Republic, Mexico, Israel, Russia and Italy. The second day of the final takes place from 22:00 local time, with the singers performing “Festival Hits”.

Yesterday also saw the first day of the childrens contest, the scores have not been published online by organisers. The running order for the final day is as follows:

  1. Estonia – Alisa Gaychonok
  2. Ukraine – Yekaterina Manuzina
  3. Kazakhstan – Ramin Sarmuzina
  4. Israel – Alice
  5. Macedonia – Tina Rusev
  6. Bulgaria – Teresa Todorova
  7. Lithuania- Airi
  8. Germany – Diane Hartwig
  9. Romania – Maria Paliy
  10. Uzbekistan – Hayrisha
  11. Russia – Anastasiya Gladilin
  12. Montenegro – Ivka
  13. Armenia – Masha
  14. Serbia – Una
  15. Czech Republic – Nela Zhakov
  16. Bosnia & Herzegovina – Una Shushnitsa
  17. Belarus – Anastasia Zhabko
  18. Latvia – Melissa Kovaleva
  19. Moldova – Daria Shvets
  20. Malta –  Kiana Fenech

The final day of the childrens contest takes place from 17:00 local time.

The Slavianski Bazaar has been held annually since 1992 to showcase Slavic culture. As part of the Bazaar two contests are held, one for child singers and one for young pop performers. The pop performers contest is split over two days, the first day sees performers singing a song in their national language. The second day sees the performers covering a popular song from the Slavic nations. The winner if selected by a jury made up of past winners and well known performers.
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