Slavic Bazaar: 24th Slavianski Bazaar Kicks Off Tonight

Tune In From 19:30 CET
Tune In From 19:30 CET

The 24th edition of the Slavianski Bazaar gets underway tonight in Belarus with the opening ceremony.

Tonight’s show kicks off five nights of shows and concerts from performers across the world. Featuring in the opening ceremony are famous names from the world of the Eurovision Song Contest, they are:

  • Alexander Rybak – Winner of Eurovision 2009 for Norway
  • Alyona Lanskaya – Belarus 2013
  • Angelica Agurbash – Belarus 2005
  • Intars Busulis – Latvia 2009
  • Marija Šerifović – Winner of Eurovision 2007 for Serbia
  • Ruslan Alekhno – Belarus 2008
  • TEO – Belarus 2014
  • Uzari & Maimuna – Belarus 2015

Other well known performers tonight including the Romanian singer Inna and Bosson from Sweden. Also taking to the stage are the singers taking part in the two competitive competitions at the Slavianski Bazaar the International Pop Song Performers Contest and the International Children Music Contest.

You can watch the show live on Belarus 1 and Belarus 24 from 21:00 CET here.

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