South Korea: Girl’s Day Release Second Album

Release Their New Album “Love”

Girl’s Day the 2014 ABU TV Song Festival participants from South Korea have released their second studio album “Love”.

The album is their first original studio album since their debut in 2013, it has already reached number 3 in the album download charts in South Korea. The album contains “Ring My Bell” which reached number 2 in the singles charts selling just under 250,000 copies in a week.

Girl’s Day represented South Korea at the third ABU TV Song Festival in 2014 which was held in Macau.

Track List:
01. With Me
02. 링마벨 (Ring My Bell)
03. 마카롱
04. Come Slowly
05. Top Girl
06. Darling
07. 휘파람
08. Look At Me
09. Something
10. Timing
11. 보고싶어
12. Show You
13. Hello Bubble
14. 링마벨(Ring My Bell) (Inst.)

Watch the official video for “Ring My Bell” below:

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