Stavropol Krai: Islam Satyrov – Interview

Islam Is Representing Stavropol Krai
Islam Is Representing Stavropol Krai

From Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia we head north to Stavropol Krai. Stavropol Krai are debuting in this years contest and are being represented by Islam Satyrov who is part of the Nogai ethnic group in Russia. Here’s what Islam had to say.

This is the first time that the Nogai ethnic group will be participating in Turkvizyon, you must be very proud to be representing them?

I am very pleased that the Nogai this year will participate in this grand festival. I am proud to represent the people who I will and I will try to represent with dignity.

Can you tell us a bit more about Nogai culture and history?

Nogai – Turkic people, consisting of representatives of different genera and tribes of old, lived in Eurasia. The origin of the ethnonym Nogai historians traditionally associated with the name of the Golden Temnik Nogai. Nogai makes trips to the European states, vassalage to him admitted possession of Byzantium, Serbia and Bulgaria. Temnik Nogay was so powerful that he claimed and overthrew the khans of the Golden Horde, as its de facto ruler. In the vastness of the Danube to the Irtysh Nogai were the main population of Astrakhan, Crimean Khanate and the Great Horde. At the end of the 14th century as a result of the collapse of the Golden Horde, formed a new nomadic state – the Nogai Horde. A huge role in the formation of the Nogai State played temnik Edige (Yedigei) Considering also the mythological father, ancestors Nogai people. Later start internal strife because of the different political orientation ulus, which gradually leads to the disintegration of the Nogai Horde in the Big and Small, and other parts. By the beginning of the XVII century the inhabitants of the Nogai Horde distributed across the tip of the South of Russia and neighboring countries, from the Lower Volga to the North Caucasus and the Crimea, to the Bessarabian steppes. At the end of the XVIII century of the Nogai takes up permanent residence in Turkey.

Nogai prior to the beginning of the 20th century were nomads, which was reflected in the culture. In the process of socio-historical practice occurred is selection of species and genera of art, which were most acceptable to the world of nomadic peoples. In Nogai they become poetry and music. The most popular and widely used tool in the nation considered dombra. From generation to generation passed on Dabrowa works that summarizes the experience of life of the people, they carried the knowledge of nature, the universe. They embody the philosophical views of man, his religious views and beliefs, fixed convictions and moral categories. These works were an important factor in inter-generational continuity and intertemporal served as a means of communication. Dombra – a kind of history of nomadic people.

Islam will be joined on stage by his brothers

You are a well-known singer of Nogai songs, what is it that you sing you about the most and what influences your music?

Topics of my songs are quite extensive. There is a song lyric, patriotic, folk. There are also several unreleased songs still dedicated to my parents and the historic 17th-century song in modern arrangement. Basically, I am inspired by Nogai and Turkic folk music culture. I try to unite it with the sound of western music. I think this is very interesting and it turns out that for my songs popular not only among the Turkic peoples.

You were selected to represent the Nogai ethnic group in Istanbul, how were you selected to participate in the contest?

To participate in the contest “Youth Union Nogai” (Moscow) made a qualifying round for the singers of Nogai. As a result of voting chose my candidacy.

Your song is called “Tuvgan erym” can you tell us what the song is about?

The song is called “Native Land”. It sings of love for my native land. As if an invisible umbilical cord connects me to her and gives me strength, wherever I was.

What plans do you have for stage performance in Istanbul?

On stage, we will have three. Three brothers. We are one family, and all the musicians. Brothers Satyrov. I’ll play the lute, a second drummer, and the youngest bass guitar. I hope we remember and please the audience.

You will be performing in Istanbul in front of millions of people across the world, how does this feel?

Performing before such a huge audience is for me a great honor and responsibility. And a major victory for me is to win the hearts of the audience, regardless of the result at the festival.

What message do you have for the readers of

I wish all readers peace, happiness and plenty of good music that unites us!

We wish Islam the best of luck at the 3rd Turkvizyon Song Contest in Istanbul, Turkey next month and for his future.

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