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1 thought on “Stavropol Krai: Nogai Will Compete As Stavropol Krai”

  1. Some Oblasts of Russia has many Turkic groups with Tatar, Bashkir and Kazakhs. For example Astrakhan Oblast about %25 Turkic (Kazakhs, Tatars), Samara Oblast %10 Turkic (Tatars, Chuvashs), Orenburg about %20 (old capital of Kazakhstan, Kazakhs, Tatars and Bashkirs),Kurgan, Tyumen, Omsk and so on. I think they can join, too! And I want to see Greece (Western Thracia), Syria Turkmens, Afghanistan, Tajikstan, China (Kazakh, Uyghurs, Salars and Kyrgyzs are seperately), Mongolia

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