Stavropol Krai: Turkvizyon 2016 Participation Confirmed

The Union of Nogai Youth has confirmed that they will be participating in the Turkvizyon Song Contest 2016 as Stavropol Krai.

Mr Eduard Narimanovich from the Union of Nogai Youth confirmed that the Nogai population of the Russian Federation will be competing in the Turkvizyon Song Contest 2016. The Nogais are a Mongolian ethnic group who live in Southern Europe but mainly the Caucuses region of Russia, there are estimated to be around 120,000 Nogai living in Russia and the surrounding countries.

Stavropol Krai were due to compete in the Turkvizyon Song Contest in 2015, however they were forced to withdraw from the contest due to a deterioration in relations between Turkey and the Russian Federation. In 2015 they had selected Islam Satyrov to represent the region in Istanbul with the song “Tuvgan erym” (Native land).

It is not know who will represent Stavropol Krai at the Turkvizyon Song Contest. It has already been revealed that Madina Kartakeyva will be representing the region in Bala Turkvizyon 2016, she was also selected to represent the region in 2015 but was unable to compete in Istanbul.

To date the following countries and regions have confirmed their participation in Turkvizyon 2016 to

  • Azerbaijan
  • Belarus
  • Crimea (Russian Federation)
  • Gagauzia
  • Germany
  • Kazakhstan
  • Khakassia (Russian Federation)
  • Kumyk (Russian Federation)
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Sandzak (Serbia)
  • Stavropol Krai (Russian Federation)
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine

Source: Eduard Narimanovich

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