Suns Europe: 2015 Finalists Announced

From Karelia To Galicia
From Karelia To Galicia

The first finalists in Suns Europe, the song contest for Minority Languages have been announced.

The competition is open to all singers of European minority languages as defined by 1st Article of the European Charter for Regional or Minority languages. A total of 8 singers and bands have been selected so far to compete in the event. The final is on December 11.

Confirmed as participating in the contest are:

  • Bashkortostan – Zaman -Bishkek
  • Basque Country – Kasernarat – Hil Artean
  • Brittany – Rhapsoldya – Frankiz?
  • Galicia – Caxade – Gente Pota
  • Friesland – Marit & Nigel – Libbensteir
  • Ireland – Tuath – Níl Tú Ann
  • Karelia – Ilmu – Suuret kivet
  • Sapmi – Ozas – Mannavuoda Muittut

The 8 finalists so far will be joined by two singers who will be selecting from the competing singers in Suns Sardigna. The competition is open to minority language speakers in Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Malta. The final of Suns Sardigna is on November 28.

The artists in Suns Sardigna are:

  • Blumbe Orchestra – Sa Fossa
  • Claudia Crabuzza – Lhasa Catalano
  • The Daggs – Botë e Paqe
  • Loris Vescovo – Ellis Island
  • Martina Cavulli – Euskal Herria
  • Me+Marie – Hai Eu Less
  • Perry Frank – Cantu A Merì
  • Turbokrowodn – Rožica
  • Liza – L’aucèu

Listen to all of the songs below:

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