Suns Europe: First Eight Finalists Selected

The first eight finalists in Suns Europe, the Minority Language Song Contest have been announced today by contest organisers.

A total of 11 songs will be competing in the second edition of Suns Europe on 3 December in Udine, Italy. This years contest takes the place of Liet International for a second year running, which appears to have been cancelled for a second year in a row. Suns Europe is the only song contest in Europe which is for singers and groups who perform in languages that are that deemed by the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages in need of protection and promotion.

The eight finalists that have been announced today are:

  • Brittany (France) – Brieg Guerveno – En Desped (Breton)
  • Chukotka Autonomous Okrug (Russia) – Veronika Usholik – Kakomey (Chukchi)
  • Faroe Islands – Steso – Bruni (Faroese)
  • Friesland (Netherlands) – Norma – Eeb An Flud (Frisian)
  • Galicia (Spain) – Familia Caamagno – Lausanne (Galician)
  • Khakassia (Russia) – Gurude – Kusni Korlan (Khakas)
  • Ireland – Imlé – Fun Orm (Irish)
  • Scotland – Aon Tenga: Un Çhengey – Creggyn Scarleode (Scottish, Irish, Manx)

A further three songs will make it through to the final of Suns Europe 2016. On November 9, two more songs will make it through to the final, these songs are selected through the regional final for Ladinia, Suns Ladina. Furthermore one song will be selected by the organisers in Friuli to represent the Friulian minority. You can listen to all of the songs that have made it through to the final so far here.

The first edition of Suns Europe was won by Switzerland who were represented by Me+Marie with the song “Hai Eu Less”, which was performed in Romansch.

Source: Suns Europe

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