Suns: Submissions For Suns Europe & Suns Sardigna Now Open

New Competition For 2015

Submissions for the Suns Song Contest have been opened, for the first time there will be two Suns events one for the Mediterranean region and another for Europe as a whole. Submissions for both competitions are open now and close on October 1st.

Suns Sardigna:

The competition is open to minority language speakers in Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Malta. The final itself will be held on November 28 in Cagliari, Sardinia at the Teatro Massimo. Between 6 and 8 singers will be selected to go through to the final, with two singers then being selected to go through to the final show of Suns Europe.

Submissions rules and what languages are eligible to compete can be found here.

Suns Europe:

For the first time the Suns Europe contest will be taking place, the final is being hosted in Udine at the Teatro Nuovo “G. da Udine” on December 11.

The competition is open to all singers of European minority languages as defined by 1st Article of the European Charter for Regional or Minority languages. Submissions are eligible from countries such as Russia, Greenland and Armenia. 6-8 singers will be selected from the Suns Europe submissions to compete with the two winners of Suns Sardigna.

Submissions rules can be found here.

Source: Suns Contest

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