Sweden: Arghavan Agida – “A little girl once had a big dream to sing and perform”

Turkvision is drawing ever closer and with it with bring you closer to the artists competing, today we bring your our interview with Arghavan from Sweden.

Arghavan Agida will be representing Sweden on their debut in the Turkvision Song Contest. We had the great pleasure to be able to talk to this years Swedish participant about her career so far, from singing to her role as a UN Womens Ambassador. As well as what we can expert from her song and her performance in this years contest.

Firstly thank you very much for talking to us, now that all has been revealed, how does it feel to be the first singer to represent Sweden at the Turkvision Song Contest?

It has been both a challenge and a great experience for me to be able to learn a new language so that I can perform it on stage.

Going back to where it all started, when was it that you first began to sing and at what point was it you thought that it was what you wanted to be?

Music has always been a big part of my life. Ever since I was a child our home has been filled with music. When I got older I decided that I wanted to pursue my dream of working with music. One day me and my sister were sitting in the park and I started to sing. She got really touched by the song I had written and she told me that I really should go for it. She gave me the confidence and believed that I truly could be an artist.

You’re well known around the world for your performances and your fantastic voice, what emotions do you feel when you perform?

When I’m on stage I feel like everything in life is possible. I feel a comfort in my heart, a comfort that I only get when I perform and the love is indescribable.

You were born in Iran but moved to Sweden, you’re a performer and singer as well as UN
Ambassador for Women in Sweden. What part of your career so far do you feel has been the most rewarding?

To flee with my family from our country and to learn at the age of five what freedom of speech is as very tough but I also think that allowed me to start to have big dreams.

I already knew when I was a child that I wanted to be a voice for those who didn’t have the  same opportunities as me. In recent years, I have used the microphone to be that voice and also to be a proof that hard work pays off. Me being the ambassador for UN Women in Sweden is the best reward I have received in my life.

Your work as an Ambassador for Women has seen you speak to hundreds of people, how
important is it for you to spread the message of freedom of speech and human rights to all the
generations you talk to?

It is one of the most important jobs I do. To remind people that we all can help and be apart of a change and for people to realize the power of their freedom of expression and to start using it. I think people sometimes forget how privileged they are. The smallest step to help another person can make a big difference.

Moving onto Turkvision; you were first approached by Ylva & Linda to take part in the contest, what were you first thoughts?


Looking forward to the contest in December what are you most looking forward to about the event?

To meet wonderful people from different countries and perform with “Dircalis”.

Your song is titled “Dircalis”, can you tell us more about the song and its message?

Well, since I don’t speak Azerbaijani I had someone translate the lyrics. It is about being strong, having a second chance and being free.

What do you think is the biggest opportunity that taking part in the Turkvision Song Contest gives you as an artist but also as an activist?

It is a great opportunity for me to be able to inspire everyone to take a stand for something they truly believe in.

If you can, do you have any hints about what your performance in the contest may feature?

Mysterious 😉

Finally do you have a message to your fans and the readers of Eurovoix World?

I’m so happy to be apart of this amazing journey. One time very long ago a little girl once had a big dream to sing and perform and now many years later she will represent her second home.

We thank Arghavan Agida for taking the time out to talk to us and we wish her and her team all the best in this years contest.

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