Sweden: Ylva & Linda – “It is a huge opportunity for us to be able to represent Sweden”

We caught up with Ylva & Linda the individuals behind Sweden’s participation in this years Turkvision Song Contest.

Sweden are one of five countries and regions announced so far as debuting in the Turkvision Song Contest. It’s thanks to the two singer songwriter sisters of Ylva & Linda, that Sweden will be taking to the stage this December. We talked to them about how the oppurtunity came about, their preparations for the contest and what it’s been like to work with Arghavan the singer they approached to do the contest.

You’ve finally been able to reveal that Sweden are participating in the Turkvision Song Contest 2016, how does that feel?

It feels amazing to be able to share these good news after several months of intensive work! We can’t wait to share the finished song with you all when we are done and it is allowed and we also plan for the song to be available to download on Spotify and iTunes! Following the release, it will also be a great experience to prepare for a brilliant act for the live show together with Arghavan and the team.

What influenced you to decide to try to get Sweden participating in the Turkvision Song Contest?

We’ve been interested and followed this contest in previous years and now a door was opened for us to enter for Sweden through organizers of Turkvizyon and a connection to the Belorussian singer Gunesh, which we are really grateful for. She took part in Turkvizyon 2013 and won the second prize and we have known and met her in Minsk while competing in Eurovision Belarus in previous years.

Turkvision is very different to the Eurovision Song Contest, what are the differences that you have had to overcome that you have not faced with Eurovision?

We actually feel it’s a very similar experience with Eurovision when it comes to composing and producing the song, finding an artist and recording vocals, backing vocals and doing a mix! However the rules say it must be sung in a Turkish language and this was a new language for our artist and for us. We got connected to a great lyricist (Elvin Novruzov) who helped us at the last-minute and we also needed to adjust the song to a more oriental style and instruments with the help of great musicians (Johan Moberg). At the same time we wanted to keep the fresh pop sound and production thanks to our co-producer Will Taylor and guitarist Patric Skog. In some countries for Eurovision you also need to follow the rules of a certain language, e.g. in Iceland where we competed this year and made our song both in Icelandic and English. So this is something we are familiar with and we have also recorded backing vocals and performed live in several other languages before, although we don’t really master that language in speaking. We love to sing and write songs of different cultural sounds, so singing the backing vocals in a Turkish language was very interesting!

What is it that motivates you both to work on a project like the Swedish entry in the Turkvision Song Contest?

We are always on the lookout for new song projects and ways to promote and expose our music. We have focused a lot on Eurovision during the past years, as this is our passion, but also find other competitions and festivals that are exciting. It is a huge opportunity for us to be able to represent Sweden in a big TV broadcasted competition like Turkvizyon, so we are really looking forward to it.

You have selected Arghavan Agida to perform the song you have written and composed for the contest, what was it that drew you to select Arghavan?

Arghavan is a very talented artist with much experience and a very interesting background with roots from Iran who also lived in Baku for a short period. We came in contact with her when we all were performing in a big charity concert for refugees at Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre last year. We asked her if she was interested to do Turkvizyon with us and we found a good cooperation and match of song which we are very happy for.

Can you give us any hints to the style of the song that Arghavan will be performing?

The song is a very strong ballad with both modern pop and rnb influences as well as oriental instruments and percussion.

Arghavan is representing Sweden in the 4th Turkvizyon Song Contest

When Arghavan steps out on the stage in December, what feelings do you think will be going through both of yours heads?

It will be very exciting and nervous at the same time and we will try to support as much as we can! There are always a lot of emotions in the air at a live broadcast and competitions like this where anything could happen! We are of course going for the winning position and are sure Arghavan and the team will do an excellent job on stage!

To conclude, do you have a message for the readers of Eurovoix World?

Thanks a million for following us and reading about our journey to represent Sweden in Türkvizyon! Stay tuned for the song release soon! Dream – Believe – Achieve!

Thanks so much to Ylva & Linda for talking to us. If you missed our interview with Arghavan who will be representing Sweden at Turkvision 2016, you can read the interview in full here.

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