Syria: “I Hope Peace Triumphs In My Country”

Adil is representing Syrian Turkmens
Adil is representing Syrian Turkmens

Syria is one of two countries making their debut in the Turkvizyon Song Contest this Saturday represented by Adil Şan. The singer has made headlines in Turkey for representing the war torn country.

Adil Şan is a Syrian Turkmen and his story in recent days has spread through Turkish media for representing a minority group from the warn torn nation. Adil Şan was selected by the organisers of the contest to represent the group on stage in Istanbul and the singer is grateful for this. In an interview with Daily Sabah he says:

We will try to be the voice of Turkmen Mountain, Aleppo, Homs and Hama. It is not important for me to win the contest; the important thing is to create a union of Turkic nations.

He went on to thank Turkey for welcoming the Turkmen population to the country since the civil war began. He adds that:

Hopefully, we will make the voice of the Bayırbucak Turkmens heard. They give me this chance, and I will represent my people in the best way I can. I hope that the suffering of the people in the Turkmen Mountain region ends soon and peace triumphs in my country,

Adil Şan will be performing the song “Geliş” on Saturday night which translates as “Arrival”.

Source: Daily Sabah

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