Tajikistan: Tahmina Niyazova Releases “Molochnaya radost”

The winner of the Intervision Song Contest 2008, Tahmina Niyazova has released her latest single “Molochnaya radost”.

Tahmina Niyazova the winner of the Intervision Song Contest 2008 has released a new single, “Molochnaya radost”. The song is a change from the singers normal style, with her latest release being a ballad about family.

Tahimina rose to fame after winning Five Stars, Intervision 2008 in Russia with a total of 216 points just one point ahead of the host nation of Russia. Her break through in Tajikistan came in 2003 when she won the competition “Stars of the New Century”. Since winning Intervision she has represented Tajikistan on the competitive stage once more at the Sunkane skale Festival in 2012 where she finished in 5th place.

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