Tajikstan: Tahmina Niyazova to Compete in MakFest 2017

Tahmina Niyazova, the winner of the Intervision Song Contest 2008 will take part in MakFest 2017 alongside thirty singers from across the globe.

Tahmina Niyazova is among thirty singers from across Macedonia and the rest of the world to take part in this years MakFest contest. Tahmina who is one of the biggest names in the music industry in Tajikistan, will be returning to the competition stage having previously won the Intervision Song Contest in 2008. The singer who was unknown to the public when she participated in Intervision, has gone on to have a successful career performing across Tajikistan as well as globally.

MakFest has been held annually in Stip since 1986, previous winners include Vlatko Lozansko and Vlado Janevski. Both singers went on to represent Macedonia at the Eurovision Song Contest, with Vlado Janevski representing his country on their debut in the competition in 1998.

Tahimina will compete in the contest with the song “Ti si moj son”. She will have to compete in a semi final to earn her place in the final, with the winner of the competition being awarded 10,000 Euros. Tahmina isn’t the only former international song contest participant in this years MakFest, with Gunesh who represented Belarus at Turkvision 2013 also taking part.

Source: MakFest

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