Tatarstan: Tie At The Turkvizyon 2015 Selection

Internal Selection To Decide The Winner
Internal Selection To Decide The Winner

A tie has occurred in Tatarstan’s Turkvizyon 2015 selection process.

llnar Miranov (Илнар Миранов) and Yamle Qizlar (Ямьле Кызлар) both tied on the same number of points after the voting of the jury last night in Kazan. Venera Ganieva who was the Head of the Jury said that the jury will hold another internal selection to decide between the two singers. This selection will be held in the next couple of days, with the jury selecting the participant for Turkvizyon 2015.

Tatarstan is one of 28 countries/regions and ethnic groups participating in the third Turkvizyon Song Contest.

Source: Eurovoix-World Reader

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