Tatarstan: Turkvizyon Selection Final November 12

Tatarstan Hosted Turkvizyon 2014

Maidan Television the broadcaster in charge of Tatarstan’s participation in the Turkvizyon & Bala Turkvizyon Song Contest has announced their national final will be held November 12.

Today is the deadline for people to apply to participate in the selection process. From the submissions a number of singers will be selected to go through to a televised final for Turkvizyon on November 12 at the CBC Pyramid in Kazan (КРК «Пирамида»). The singer for Bala Turkvizyon will also be selected on the same day, the details on the selection are not as clear with Maidan TV stating the singer will be “drawn by lot” from the submissions.

Submissions to take part must be submitted today to the following email address:

Source: Maidan Television

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  1. Any news about Intervision? And why is the Turkvizyon 2015-map on Wikipedia only showing the city of Kirkuk in Iraq while Iraq participates as a whole country?

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