Tatarstan: Turkvizyon Stars To Perform in “Tatar Voice”

Tatarstan is to hold a showcase of the regions music featuring well-known singers and performers from across the Republic.

On November 5 and 6, the Kazan State Opera will play host to “Tatar Voice”, the largest concert of performers from Tatarstan to be held. A total of 24 young artists from the Republic of Tatarstan will take to the stage in the Capital of Tatarstan for an audience of thousands. The two concerts are currently being billed in local press as most expensive concerts staged in the Russian Federation.

Performing as part of the concert are two former participants in the Turkvizyon Song Contest, Alina Sharipzanova (2013) and Aydar Suleymanov (2014). Also participating in the event are two former participants in the Russian version of “The Voice” Yazilyu Mukhametov and Rumiyu Niyazov. The 24 artists selected to perform in the concert are seen as the future of Tatar music.

All of the artists participating in the concert will be performing in the Tatar language which is spoken by 6.5 million people across the world including the Republic of Tatarstan, the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Russian Capital, Moscow.

Source: Business Gazeta

Tatarstan was one of the original 24 regions and countries to participate in the first Turkvizyon Song Contest in 2013. At the contest in 2013, Tatarstan was represented by Alina Sharipzanova who finished 4th in the final scoring 192 points, this was the best result of any Russian region in the contest. In 2014 Tatarstan hosted the contest in Kazan, the contest was held at the Tatneft Arena with 25 countries and regions competing. Aydar Suleymanov won the semi final for Tatarstan scoring 223 points, in the final however Tatarstan finished 2nd being beat by Kazakhstan to victory by 24 points. Tatarstan is set to return to the contest in 2016 having been forced to withdraw in 2015.
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