Tatarstan: “Would Be Disappointing For Turkvizyon Participation To Be Banned”

Kazan, Tatarstan hosted Turkvizyon in 2014

The organisers of the Republic of Tatarstan’s participation in the Turkvizyon Song Contest have reacted to the news that the region has been ordered by the Russian Ministry of Culture to end its relationship with TURKSOY.

Tatarstan is one of five regions of Russia who are members of TURKSOY but have not yet withdrawn from the Turkvizyon Song Contest. Earlier today Altai Republic became the first Russian region to withdraw from the contest as a result of the order from the Russian Government. The organisers of Tatarstan’s participation in the contest point to the fact that the competition is just a “musical and creative competition”.

The participants from Tatarstan, Yamle Group have said they have no information at this stage about whether they are still participating. They have said they will continue to rehearse for the contest next month. Yamle Group will be performing “Мирас” (Heritage) in Istanbul.

In Tatarstan as a whole there is widespread opposition to the idea of the region withdrawing from TURKSOY with the region having been last years Cultural Capital of the Turkic World.



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