Tatarstan: Yamle Retain Right To Compete in Turkvision

Yamle confirm that they still will represent Tatarstan at the Turkvision Song Contest once relations normalise between Russia and Turkey.

Yamle Group were selected to represent Tatarstan at the Turkvision Song Contest 2015, having won the regions national selection. However due to a deterioration in relations between the Russian Federation and Turkey, the Russian republics were forced to withdraw from the contest. The group has stated in an interview with Tatar Inform News that:

Of course, we were upset. Once relations are stabilized, we will be able to participate in the Turkvision competition.

The group has had a string of success this year with victories in song contests across the Russian Federation. The group which was formed in 2013 is made up of  Gulnaz Battalova, Veronika Kuznetsova, Dilii Akhmetshina and Albina Kazykhanov. The group say that they are a different type of Tatar music group, bringing in new sounds to the region, not just reworking traditional folk songs. While they may be moving forwards in terms of success, each member still runs an aspect of the group, whether that be managing the band, social media or finances.

Earlier this year Yamle won Ural-Mono a song contest for singers from across Central Asia and Russia, they became the first entrants from Tatarstan to win the contest since 1998. Furthermore the group recently took part in “Idel” in Ufa, Bashkortostan, again taking victory for Tatarstan at the contest.

TMT Maidan has informed that they will be participating in the Turkvision Song Contest 2016 once all aspects of the contest have been confirmed by the organisers. Once this occurs it looks highly likely that Yamle Group one of the most influential performers in Tatarstan will take to the Turkvision Song Contest stage.

Source: Tatar Inform News

The Turkvision Song Contest was first held in 2013 in the Turkish city of Eskisehir. The contest which is open to Turkic nations and regions such as Turkey, Kazakhstan and Yakutia. The contest follows a similar format to the Eurovision Song Contest, with songs limited to being 4 minutes long. To date Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan have won the contest.
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