Today: ABU International Dance Festival 2017 Final

Today the first edition of the of the ABU International Dance Festival is being held in Hyderabad, India with over 120 dancers taking part.

After more than a year in the planning the first ever edition of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union International Dance Festival takes place today in India. Over 120 dancers from 14 countries across the region are participating in the festival which has been split into two categories. There will be performances in both traditional and contemporary style from as far and wide as Fiji and Uzbekistan.

The exact format of the show today has not been announced by the organisers, how it is expected that prizes will be awarded to the winning performances in each of the two categories. We understand that during the rehearsals held yesterday a number of countries were selected to go through to the grand final in each category today, meaning all other performances will be showcases.

The list of countries and dance styles announced as being performed are as follows:

  • Afghanistan – (Unknown style of performance) – Traditional (RTA)
  • Azerbaijan – Uzundara – Traditional (ITV)
  • Cambodia – The Royal Ballet of Cambodia – Unknown – Traditional
  • China – Dancers from Tsinghua University – Blooming in the Storm – Contemporary
  • Fiji – Meke – Traditional (FBC)
  • India – Chaitanya – Contemporary (DD)
  • India – Andaz-e- Raqs – Traditional (DD)
  • Indonesia – Kabaret Baliano – Contemporary (RRI)
  • Indonesia – Bala Turangga – Traditional (RRI)
  • Indonesia – Tari Saman – Traditional (TVRI)
  • Malaysia – Unknown – Unknown (ASTRO)
  • Maldives – Bodu Beru – Traditional (PSM)
  • Mongolia – Unknown – Sugsraan Donj
  • Philippines – Sarimanok – Contemporary (CTC)
  • Philippines – Singkil – Traditional (CTC)
  • Sri Lanka – Unknown – Unknown
  • Uzbekistan – Lezgi – Traditional (MTRK)
  • Vietnam – Unknown – Unknown

It is of note that this the first time that Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Fiji, Mongolia, Philippines and Uzbekistan have participated in an ABU organised festival. Both Fiji and Mongolia had previously signed to participate in ABU events, but have withdrawn beforehand. In 2012 Fiji withdrew from the ABU Radio Song Festival, while Mongolia withdrew from the ABU TV Song Festival in both 2012 and 2016.

Watch the ABU International Dance Festival 2017 live from 13:00 CET below:

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