Tonight: 1st Suns Europe Song Contest

Live From Udine
Live From Udine

Tonight the first edition of the Suns Europe Song Contest will be taking place live from Udine, Italy. With a total of 10 countries and regions participating in the competition.

Suns Europe is a song contest for minority languages in Europe. The competition is open to all singers of European minority languages as defined by 1st Article of the European Charter for Regional or Minority languages. Of the 10 participants, 8 were selected by the organisers of the competition from all of the international submissions to go into the final while the entries from Switzerland and Friuli went through a regional selection at the end of November.

The 10 participants are as follows (languages performed in):

  • Bashkortostan – Zaman -Bishkek (Bashkir)
  • Basque Country – Kasernarat – Hil Artean (Basque)
  • Brittany – Rhapsoldya – Frankiz? (Breton)
  • Galicia – Caxade – Gente Pota (Galician)
  • Friesland – Marit & Nigel – Libbensteir (Frisian)
  • Friuli – Loris Vescovo & Orchextra Terrestre – Ellis Island (Friulian)
  • Ireland – Tuath – Níl Tú Ann (Irish)
  • Karelia – Ilmu – Suuret kivet (Karelian)
  • Sapmi – Ozas – Mannavuoda Muittut (Sapmi)
  • Switzerland – Me+Marie – Hai Eu Less (Romansh)

The voting procedure for the contest has not been announced, however it is expected to follow the same method that Liet International has used in the past. With the songs being judged by one juror from each of the 10 participating regions, they then award 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 points to the songs.

The show will be broadcasting live from 20:00 CET and can be viewed live on the Friesland channel Omrop Frysland here or on YouTube here.

Listen to all of the songs below:

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