Tonight: All For One Caribbean 2015

Who Will Win The 2015 Contest?
Who Will Win The 2015 Contest?

The final of the 3rd edition of the All For One Caribbean Voice Contest will take place tonight live from Martinique.

A total of 10 singers from across the Caribbean will be competing to win the “Jeff Joseph” trophy and be crowned the best singer in the Caribbean. This years competition will see Guyana taking to the stage for the first time while Saint Lucia the winners of the first competition are making a return to the stage in Fort-de-France.

The show will feature a performance from last years winner from the Dominican Republic, Rosaly Rubio as well as from some other well-known stars from across the Caribbean. The competition is being presented in French, English, Spanish and Haitian Creole.

The competing countries and participants are as follows:

  • Cuba – Andy Rubal
  • Dominica – Shalina Samuel
  • Dominican Republic – Yudelka Marie
  • Guadeloupe –  Leedyah Barlagne
  • Guyana – Héony Calumey
  • Haiti – Samantha Normil
  • Martinique – Maleïka Pennont
  • Montserrat – Prince Romeo
  • Saint Lucia – Sedale Simei
  • Saint Vincent & the Grenadines – Danielle Veira

Each country is represented by one jury member who scores the participants out of a total of 100 points, the jurors are as follows:

  • Cuba – Olga Valiente
  • Dominica –  Ophelia
  • Dominican Republic – Rosaly Rubio
  • Guadeloupe –  Joëlle Ursule
  • Guyana – Roland Loe-Mie
  • Haiti –  Kevin Jacques
  • Martinique –  Jocelyne Béroard
  • Montserrat – Sarah Durand
  • Saint Lucia –  Shazi Chalon
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines –  Dawson Lewis

The competition is being broadcast live on Martinique 1 from 20:00 local time (02:00 CET on Sunday October 25). It is not known if any other broadcasters will be showing the competition live.

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